About Octavia

Look up the author of Kindred, Octavia Butler, and find out about her books and as a writer. Consider the time period in which she lived and wrote and her genre of sci-fi. What was unique about her? Write a brief reflection on Butler and whether knowing more about her gives you a different perspective on Kindred.

Well the author was a unique gem among her people, and I mean the sci-fi writers, being a woman first, as well as a black woman secondly, a thing unheard of in the writing world. She struggled hard to have her work published, to be taken with any seriousness, finally having a book published and her name offered out there as well.

Having read a brief excerpt of her past and her life, I don’t see how her life experience had a great deal to do with the book, other than Dana’s life in the 20th century the author and main character struggled with some of the same writing issues.

Cult Classics

Cult classics can vary, depending on who you ask, what they like and what they think a cult classic movie is. Ask 100 people and you will have a wide variety of movies, no doubt some repeated between lists, but each list still unique.

A couple criteria that can be associated with cult classics, strange concepts, interesting filming, different use of language, timelessly comedic, and more.

Donnie Darko is a great cult classic in my opinion, full of strange happenings, unforgettable imagery, a wonderful soundtrack

With time travel, psychedelic rabbits, murder, intrigue and a plot line that twists and turns.

Message Medium Method

The basis of communication, the three most important things, present in all languages, this is how people communicate.

So, for example lets us use Perry the caveman, primitive, older than dirt, quite a bit of upper body strength, and opposite Perry let us put Ned the alien invader. Two creatures from two worlds, with different ideas, with different modes of communication, and yet they can still get their meaning across.

Perry the caveman is presented, by his father, with a chiseled dinosaur bone, on which is a pictograph of a man being eaten by a dinosaur, Message being that dinosaurs eat people, Medium a carved bone, passed down, and Method a pictograph with information.

Ned the alien invader, with all his friends, comes to earth to take over. Ned has to coordinate with his friends so he beams them all a message. Same thing here, Message being the actual words in the message, the who and what. Medium being the beam of light that transmit said message, and finally the Method, how the message itself is passed along.

Art Forms

I don’t like introductions, especially if I write them about myself. If you want to know something, ask me.

Since a introduction is needed here I will oblige. I am 28 years old, I have two children, I own a house and two cars, I’ve been married happily for seven years. I grew up in California, I spent five years in the Navy.

My favorite form art form is easy enough to answer, clouds, it will always be clouds, I love to watch them endlessly change and roil across the sky, I enjoy spotting shapes and seeing things that are not there, but the thing I love most is the colors.  If I could enjoy one thing for the rest of my life it would be clouds.

Bob Rogers “Sunset on Dungeness”